Sunday, 10 July 2011

Syllabus for RPSC Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) for Ground Water Department 2011

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)
Ghooghara Ghati, Jaipur Road, Ajmer

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RPSC will conduct Screening Test for Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) for Ground Water Departmentaccording to the following pattern & syllabus.

Pattern of Question Paper:
  1. Objective type paper
  2. Maximum marks- 100
  3. Number of questions 100
  4. Duration of paper - 2 hours
  5. All question carry equal marks
  6. There will be negative marking
Syllabus :

Continuity equation, Bernoull’s theorem. Flow through pipes, Laminer and turbulent flow. Concept of boundary, layer. Flow through convergent divergent nozzle. Normal shock. Measurement of flow by venturimeter, orifice meter, V-notch and pitot tube. Hydraulic turbines, Pelton, francis and Kaplan turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, performance characteristics. Cavitation, Aerodynamic design of blades, Axial flow Compressors and pumps.

One dimensional steady state, conduction through walls and cylinders. Fins, concept of thermal boundary layer, Convection, Heat transfer coefficient, combined heat transfer coefficient, Heat exchangers. Heat transfer by radiation between black surfaces. Fundamentals of thermal, hydraulic and Nuclear power plants. Introduction to Non-conventional sources of energy like solar, wind, geo thermal, ocean etc.

Design of machine elements subjected to direct stresses like fastenings. Design of members in bending like beams, laminated springs. Design of members subjected to eccentric load. Design of members in torsion like shafts, couplings. Design of thin cylinders. Theories of failure, Elastic and plastic deformations, Material selection, Heat treatment process, fatigue, fracture.

Principles of Scientific management. Human behaviours in organisation concept of motivation, Recruitment, training, placement and performance appraisal of industrial personnel. Incentive Schemes. Manufacturing accounts, Balance Sheet, Analysis of financial statements. Method and time study. Introduction to supply-Chain Management.

Product design and cost selection of manufacturing processes and systems. Break even analysis, Operation and flow process charts, Plant Location and Plant layout, materials handling, scheduling, despatching and routing. Operations research methods for inventory control, replacement and decision theory, concept of network analysis. PERT and CPM. Agile and Lean manufacturing, CNC systems, Introduction to Robotics, FMS, CIMS.

Detailed Syllabus

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